Can I use KSE on 1st machine and KS7 on 2nd Using same account

Hello Katalon Team,

I have 2 machines which I use during my work day. One is a Mac and the other one is Windows. I have a KSE on Mac which I use to do scripting and on the Windows machine, I installed KS7 so that I can run my test cases/suites on that to save time using the same Katalon account

I was under impression that on 2nd Machine I will be automatically downgraded to KS7 because KSE is already registered to Mac Machine ID but it is not happening, I continuously get a pop up saying my session will be terminated.

Is there a way I can do the same? I want KSE to be associated with 1 machine only as on 2nd machine I don’t use KSE features.

Hi @manpreet.mukkar,

If you want to use KS7 on 2nd machine, I suggest you create another account, add it to the same organization but not register it to use KSE.

When you log in to 2nd machine with the same account, the session in the 1st machine will be terminated, not downgraded. Please check out our docs to learn more about licensing policy.

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@anhqle Thank you for your help.

@anhqle Will the execution results done on the 2nd User account will go to the same Katalon Test Ops account? I would like to have all the results in one place even if the execution is done using the 2nd account.

Of course, your reports can be one place. You just need to:

  • Add your 2nd account to the same team as your 1st account.
  • Integrate KS project on both machines to the same project on Katalon TestOps.

@anhqle I tried the same approach,

1 - Cloned the same project using Git to the 2nd Machine.
2 - But when I go to Settings - Katalon TestOps I am not able to change Organization. It is still showing the Organization belonging the 2nd Machine not to the Organization configured in the project itself. It is not giving an option to change that.

This is what I see in project settings on the 2nd Machine on which I cloned the project from 1st Machine.

I have given all the access rights to 2nd machine. The Gmail one is the account on 2nd Machine.

I am looking to push all the results of execution from 2nd Machine to the Web Dev - Ecomm project

Please try to reactivate KS on your 2nd machine with gmail account. In KS, click on the icon at top right corner > Deactivate > Activate again with gmail account.
During activation process, you can choose your organization.

@anhqle This worked, Thanks for your help.