Can i run chrome head less in Unix ubuntu VM?

I have a Unix VM and not sre whether it has chrome installed or not,I see Katalon has option to Run chrome headless,my query is can i run chrome headless in Unix VM

I did on 5.0.1 – but need some prereq upgrades for this on 5.1.01.
Start Xming on PC
Make sure getting a new .Xauthority when PuTTY from PC to Ubuntu or Debian
(if sudo, then need to copy .Xauhority to the running user)
Xvfb :12 &
export DISPLAY=:12
katalon command line – browser type as Chrome
kill the Xvfb process (can save the PID in a text file when start Xvfb and use that for kill)

i am kind of confused stated above ,can you please explain ,actually thing is i have developed my automation code using katalon studio in windows 7 ,now how can i execute this code in Unix VM.

Also I have used excel data as input to Automation code which i developed in Windows 7 machine,so if i wish to just execute my code in UNIX,so do i need to copy the excel
sheets in Unix VM?because my windows 7 and Unix box are not connected.

I find no way to open Katalon UI in Unix environment,all i find is execute the automation code using console mode in Unix