Can I pay from Russia?

Due to the current situation, is there such a possibility?
technical support on the site is not responding (

I am just curious.

in which currency? US$? ili рубль?

rubles at the rate of $

I doubt, however you can try to contact business support and try to make a deal to pay in dong:

LE: perhaps look like i am kidding but I am not.
Assuming this post is serious, I think the main blocker for the OP is the impossibility for a direct conversion between rubles and US $.
So, an alternate payment way has to be found.
It is a pity that Russian civilians has to suffer from the vanity of some ‘rulers’ … and the situation will get worse in time.

Of-course, there is also the plausibility that this post it is just a trolling …

thanks for the advice ! I want to try to pay via KZ! but I can’t contact the support service through any channels


For any concern about the payment, please reach out our sales team via or

You can also refer to our guide to understand more about Katalon purchasing process: