Can I pass variable from Katalon to Jenkins?

Hi, I am able to pass on variables from Jenkins CMD and override it into Katalon. For example, In Jenkins, I can just select the URL I want to use then run the Jenkins CMD below and replace the URL in GlobalVariable set in Katalon so it can run dynamically:

.\katalon -noSplash -runMode=console
–config -proxy.options=USE_SYSTEM

My question now is the other way around (Katalon value to Jenkins console). Let’s say I have variable called GlobalVariable.String1 with the value “There are 20 test cases against 100 test data executed”. This is captured in the Test Listener level. I want to reflect / display this String in the Jenkins console output. How do I do that?

use an environment file to set up jenkins environment vars. export them from katalon and parse them in a post-execution script
or simply export them into a file
or just logg them in the console and parse the output in a post-script job