Can I drag and drop the object in the canvas?

I’d like to drag and drop the object in the canvas tag.

Because it is drawn on a specific coordinate on a canvas, it does not appear to have an HTML element when I checked by the Developer tool.

And these objects only move within the canvas.

Because of this, how can I use the sourceObject and destinationObject if they cannot be specified?

I’ve already identified two drag and drop APIs from Katalon Studio…

WebUI.dragAndDropToObject(sourceObject, destinationObject)

That’s correct. Once you enter thw world of canvas, you’re leaving the HTML/document world and entering another universe.

Short answer: you can’t.

You may get some joy with Robot API - but I’ve never used with canvas elements myself.

I implemented drag-and-drop as a robot class.

It wasn’t difficult to implement with the coordinates of my monitor. But I think I’ll need more work to get the hard-coded coordinate working properly in Jenkins, right?

Anyway, thank you for your advice. Thomas.

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can you please share your code with us where u implemented robot class

Hi ,

Actually i am stuck at that point I can’t drag and drop the object on canvas means i want to set my object in specific position on canvas UT I CAN’T DO THIS , is there is any solution for this so please help me.



Hi - may I suggest Actions for Selenium. You should be able to implement dragging and dropping to particular coordinates. I’ve used it for drawing shapes on a canvas before.

Hi Thanks your suggestion help me a lot now its working for me