Call the name of the profile in a test case

We have multiple test environments each with their own profile configuration containing URLs and other needed details. However not all login paths are the same. Is it possible to somehow pass the name of the profile into a test case? My profile currently just contains the URL i’m using.

Login Path : test environment example: : brings up Login screen A
Login Path : dev environment example: : brings up Login screen B

The alternative I am thinking is I could add a new value to all profiles to indicate the login path to follow

Yes, that’s a pretty common practice.

that’s what I ended up doing. I was thinking it might be interesting to be able to add to the logs what profile is being called and if there was a way kill two birds with one stone.


Yep. I do that too.

you may dig into the listeners and write a hook, info about the selected profile may be available in the context.
but is it worth it? for simple cases use simple solutions