Call testcase with cookie

Good morning, everyone,

I have to test an API and I currently have a big blocking point.

I have a first WS that allows the connection and generates a cookie and a second WS to retrieve the information of the connected user.

However, I can’t pass the generated cookie as a parameter of the second WS.

I coded this:

def cookie = GlobalVariable.Token

def connectionResult = WS.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘get user information’), [‘p_Protocol’ : null,‘p_DomainName’ : null,‘p_Path’ : null,‘p_WindowTitle’ : null,‘Cookie’ : cookie])

and a 401 error returned to me.

Does anyone have an idea or has anyone ever encountered this case please?

thank you in advance

Translated with

you need to create that cookie to be able to set it in request:

Cookie myCookie = new Cookie("TokenNameYouNeedSet", tokenFromFirstRequest)
response = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(requestObject.getObjectId(),[('COOKIE'): myCookie]))

Thank you.
I tried this but when I launch my test case, there is this in the log :

“unable to resolve class Cookie”

import org.openqa.selenium.Cookie