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Th example imports com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ObjectRepository.findTestObject but then it calls findTestCase. Not sure if incorrect.


@anhdle Please take a look at this.


Thanks @nt0131. The document will be updated soon.

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Now please look again →

And then…


The first link in the article is dead.
Could you please update it to a working one?
Thank you!

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When calling child test cases within a parent test case, the children results do not report back to Katalon Analytics as passing or failing. Is there any way to have all the embedded test cases report back as well as the parent?


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Same question. Could anybody from Katalon team take a look into that issue?

I have a question, when I call a Test case, is it a copy of a test case or is it a reference to a Test case?
I tried it, but it looks like it is a copy, as I do not see any updates in a Paranet TC when I do changes to the TC I call.
Do someone know if I could do a reference?

Thanks alot in advance

II am a bit confused. When you say you change contents of testcase_B, and you are calling it from testcase_A, nothing will change in testcase_A, unless you changes the name of testcase_B. If you are saying that the steps you changed in testcase_B are not executing, then that is a different issue.

Can you clarify your issue?