Call a test case several times in a test suite

Oh, I think I just see the reason in the release notes for version 5.8.6, even if the wording seems a bit misleading to me:

  • Temporarily revert the ability to add duplicate Test Case to a Test Suite while investigating the root causes

Drunda Nibel

Yes, the feature has been rolled-back in 5.8.6 because the implementation is a bit buggy.

Hopefully will be added back in a later release … fingers crossed.

Ah, now I see. Thanks for the clarification. Then we hope a little longer … :wink:

Dear guys,

This enhancement has been officially supported in the latest Katalon Studio 5.9. Please check it out.

Best regards,

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Ana Hong said:

You can’t call duplicate test cases in a Test Suite. You should suggest these features to Katalon team as well.

What do you mean?
My bad, was answering to an old post …

I just made a test suite and I added a test case three times. First with default values, second binded to a test data set and third binded to another data set.
Was running just fine (although during first approach i got an “invalid test suite” error which i have to dig further, but i recreated it and second attempt was ok)
Good job, katalon guys!
(may be some glitches here and there but is by far better)

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I’m in 5.9.2 and still not seeing this feature – is it more complicated than just trying to add the same case to a suite multiple times?

Still in version 10.1, the feature seems to have been rolled back again. :frowning:

Hello everyone,
I’m checking the issue with the latest version 5.10.1 and everything is okay. I’m still be able to add duplicated test cases into a test suite.
Currently, when you add test case name ‘A’ into a test suite then you click Add button again, test case ‘A’ is automatically chosen on Test Case Browser modal. At this time, if you keep it selected and click OK button, the test case ‘A’ is added duplicated to the test suite. However, this will be changed in next release. The already-added test cases will no longer chosen by default on Test Case Browser. This is to avoid adding duplicated test cases to the test suite. If user want to add duplicated test cases on purpose, he has to select them on Test Case Browser modal. I’ll let you know when this change is released.


Hello Loan_Tran

Can you run it? i got error when adding same test case

error says “Unable To Run Selected Test Suite, Invalid Test Suite”

Do you experience it too? if not can you tell me step by step adding same test case in a test suite?

Hi @Fhadel_Fadillah,
I can run a test suite containing duplicated test cases successfully.
Can you reproduce the error? If yes, provide us the steps and the error log as well.

How to get the error log? i cant even run the test suite with duplicate test cases

This is my project you can try it yourself, and tell me if you get the error to or not

Hi @Fhadel_Fadillah,
Thank you for providing us the script.
Yes, it’s really a bug when we add duplicated test cases into a test suite and pass test data for both from the suite.
I’ve just submitted an issue for Katalon team and keep you posted when the issue get fixed and released.
Thank you for your report.

So the problem is from datafiles?

Hi @Fhadel_Fadillah,
Your datafile is okay. The problem is two of duplicated test cases (SplitData - Post) using Test Data, so it causes the error that you met. If one of them use Test Data only, the test suite still be able to run successfully. Katalon team will work on this issue to fix it so that a test suite can still be run even if all duplicated test suites using Test Data

Oke thanks loan_tran hope it will be fixed soon cause i read a lot of discussion forum katalon needed this featrue a lot

sure, the issue is set to High priority and it will be fixed soon.

@Loan_Tran Hope this issue gets fixed as soon as possible. Stuck because of this issue. Waiting for the fix.Thanks.

Hello guys,
Duplicated test cases with data binding issue has just been resolved. Please download the beta release package at BETA release 5.10.4 and re-run your test suite.
@Sunil_Kumar_A, @Fhadel_Fadillah

@Loan_Tran Tested this fix and its working fine with the data binding for duplicate test cases in the same suite.
When can we expect this in the main release ?

Hi @Sunil_Kumar_A,
We’re going to release version 5.10.4 at the end of Feb. However, this beta version is also stable. Feel confident to use it.