Bypass recaptcha


I have this recaptcha with picture :

I would like to change my public ip.

Can anyone help me bypass the recaptcha please?
(i know that google have some additionnal secret variable )

I will just continue to automate my test

I was detected as a robot :

Oh Lord save me please ! :disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

ask the developers of the AUT to provide bypass tool for testers
katalon is not about hacking,but about properly testing

It’s not for hacking.

I see this but it’s nit free :

I see but i’m blocked when i go to the 2nd research page with the message :

Oops … we still do not have an answer to this search!

for research :

CAPTCHA is the feature for the security reasons, so it should not allow bypassing by any tools or automation scripts, but for the testing reasons here is my recommendation so you can consider:

  • Solution 1: Ask the developer to create the “always correct value” as “123456” and apply it to the test environments. This solution will able to work on Jenkins.
  • Solution 2: Ask the developer to show CAPTCHA on UI screen, so you can get text value and input to the field, apply on the test environments and this solution will be able to work on Jenkins as well.
  • Solution 3: Ignore that features from automation script and done by manual, we do not need to auto all features, and this is one of it.
  • Solution 4: Whitelist company, test IP. Adding your company or test machine’s IP to the trusted list and allow these IP to pass the CAPTCHA.
  • Solution 5: Turn off the CAPTCHA on the test environment (alpha), if you have alpha, staging, and production.
  • Solution 6: reCAPTCHA will allow to enable the CAPTCHA test, you can see the details here
  • Solution 7: Some weak CAPTCHA we can bypass by OCR but should not in your case.

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@ouknam are you sure your name is not marianne? just asking …

No i’m not marianne.

Unfortunaletly, i didnt find how to bypass it.

I download the plugin autoformer+ in Chrome and it help me to fill in fields.

I found that pages was not scrollable when we are in.

it is necessary to wait 5 sec to load the page.

The 2nd solution is to change ip adress with vpn tool.

Sometimes, i have an error for page but it work

Thanks u for all your answers