Built in keyword WebUI.waitForAngularLoad(10) ; doesn’t work

Hi Katalon Team, The built in keyword WebUI.waitForAngularLoad(10) ; doesn’t work. Kindly fix this issue at the earliest.

Kindly run the below script in chrome browser.



2019-03-21 16:22:42.617 WARN c.k.k.c.w.k.b.WaitForAngularLoadKeyword This page doesn’t use Angular.



I’m having the same issue, it doesn’t recognize that the page is angular. So far I have just been using regular delays at a sensible value to account for page loads but this isn’t ideal

@devalex88 @YoungNgo @devalex88 @ThanhTo Can you guys take a look please?

For the latest Angular you should consider the below:





Could someone from Katalon dev team acknowledge this issue and release a hotfix … Please ?

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I am also facing the same issue with this keyword… Thanks for acknowledge. … LOOKING FORWARD TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE BY KATALON TEAM.

And still having the issue on Jul 25. My test case has “waitForAngularLoad(10).” I expect it to run as soon as a new page is triggered in my Angular 6 app. Instead, the Katalon script quickly fails (elapsed time: 0.080s) and reports “This page doesn’t use Angular.”

@dspell , you can use waitForAngularLoad-Keywords. Please check the below link for details.


@devalex88 @YoungNgo @devalex88 @ThanhTo @Russ_Thomas @Katalon_team

I kindly request the katalon team to give out of the box solution for WebUI.waitForAngularLoad rather installing plug-ins. Since I am unable to install plug-in in remote secure servers which doesn’t have internet connection.


Hi @focis.automation, @discover.selenium

This keyword will support to detect Angular 2+ in v7.0.0 official release.

Thanks for your report.

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Thanks @duyluong :smiley: Appreciate it.

I would recommend a Global Setting as shown in the screenshot , which would be a automatic waiting like Protractor test .

In project settings can we have another option, i.e. Wait Until Angular Page is fully loaded .


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