Bugs since upgraded to 5.5.4


Since upgraded on 5.5.4, I am experiencing some problems I did’nt have before :

  • I visually can’t make difference between passed and failed tests, because the colored bullet point is very small. I have to zoom in or change the style with chrome developers tools
  • In the end of a test suite execution, can’t see anymore wich command has passed and wich has failed, because all the colors are lost on the command list. Sometimes event the colors on the tests cases are lost.
  • Copy and paste a command --> the target disappears in some case after moving to another test case
  • Copy and paste a command from a test case to another is not an exact copy. Example : Target //*[@id=“id-dd3262cb-ec6d-4170-b2c6-fe1508ead7b4-0”] is pasted as id=id-dd3262cb-ec6d-4170-b2c6-fe1508ead7b4-0
  • “Play from here” on a test suite does not work very well. If I have 2 followed tests cases where the first only stores variables, the second does not execute.

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Thank you for your report, we’ll investigate and fix these usability and functional issues.

Can you reliably reproduce the 4th issue? I can’t seem to do it from my side.

Agreed, Both 5.5.3 and 5.5.4 having some bugs in my scenarios. This is the very first time I encountered Bugs since I started using KR from 2019

5.5.3 in Firefox (currently no 5.5.4 in Firefox Addons website)

5.5.4 in Chrome

  • The UI is very different from 5.5.3 in FF, so I spent about 5min to get used to it
  • 5.5.3 in FF save KR file in .krecorder extension, but 5.5.4 in Chrome doesn’t support it directly, so have to change extension to html.
  • *** loadVars error for csv file: Unexpected token ‘L’ in json position 0
  • I am using csv, why it says json file ?

So eventually, I revert back to for FF, and turned off Auto update , and everything is back to peace !

Can you provide us with your CSV file? I can’t seem to reproduce this issue on my side.

Thank you, we’ll fix this asap.

TEST.html (4.0 KB)


Thank you for your response.

You can reproduce it if you follow this steps using the test plan I uploaded :

  1. Execute de test plan once. It works till the end.
  2. Put the test case “Set variables” on the 2th position
  3. Click on “Play from here” on “Set variables”. It stops and get stuck.

I also noticed some other bugs using the copy paste on commands or even on suites. The target is not 100% the same as the source. For example, if a source command contains a variable, the target contains a value and not the variable. I also have issues when reordening test cases, saving, closing et reopening. The tests cases are not in the right order.

I hope this helps.

Best regards.


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Thank you, I have been able to reproduce that issue. Can you also elaborate on the issue with your CSV file? I can still open CSV files and execute a driven-data test cases.

I am sorry but I don’t use any CSV file.


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I’m facing the same problem with loadVars and csv file.
On iOS it runs with no problem, but in Windows I found this error:

[info] Playing test case 20210305_BOT_SINAVE / NOT>CASO

[info] Time: Thu Aug 26 2021 16:15:38 GMT+0100 (Hora de verão da Europa Ocidental) Timestamp: 1629990938811

[info] OS: Windows Version: 10

[info] Browser: Chrome Version: 92.0

[info] If the test cannot start, please refresh the active browser tab

[info] Executing: | loadVars | convert_20210217.csv | |

[error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1

[info] Time: Thu Aug 26 2021 16:15:39 GMT+0100 (Hora de verão da Europa Ocidental) Timestamp: 1629990939094

[info] Test case failed

Could you please fix it?



Thank you for your report. We’re trying to reproduce this issue and will keep you informed.

Hi, same problem here. I have uploaded the data csv file there and used the file name in the loadVars Target but when I hit play, it stops and returns an error at the loadVars and the log mentions .json but I am only using csv file.

For the csv file issue, i didn’t elaborate further since it might have already been complicated :sweat_smile:

Actually, there was also an small issue with the csv file initially when I returned to in FF. It produced some different “error” also (different from 5.5.4 in Chrome).

My test.csv file is very simple, only has ONE column:


My 5.5.4 error is the Token “L” in Json position 0, when I changed the column head “Link” to “link”, the error message become to token “l” in Json postion 0 (small letter L)
However, there is “Not direct error” in, it is just that (I dont’ know why) the command

| open | ${Link} | |

opened this address in FF: http://www.url.com/{Link}
(or something like that I couldn’t remember in details)
so the test suite couldn’t continue due to this wrong url address

What I did (tried and error) was, delete both the Column head “Link” and “Enter Key”, so that “http://www.url.com/001.html” become the the first line 1. Then I re-type column head “Link” and Enter again, --> Save
Everything become normal.

Thus, I am wondering if the csv file was collapsed or something hidden properties was altered after played by 5.5.4 in Chrome

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Thank you for all of your reports. We’ll try to reproduce this issue on Windows and will fix it in the next release.

Hi guys, in case these issues are stopping your work. Katalon Recorder is open-sourced and we also released earlier versions. You can temporarily disable the current version of KR, download the source code of and install an unpacked extension into Chrome to use an earlier version.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience and our team are working on fixing the issues.


With the new version 5.5.4 when I add a new file to read it with loadVars function I have this error :

[info] Executing: | loadVars | dossier_credit_apd_23364.csv | |
[error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token m in JSON at position 2

When I use a file upload before the last update of version, it works correctly


Thank you for the report, we already acknowledged this issue and it will be fixed in the next release. Due to the delay in Chrome and Firefox Web Stores, it’ll take a few days for the new version to be publicly released.

For now, please follow this guide to avoid being blocked:

Hi guys, in case these issues are stopping your work. Katalon Recorder is open-sourced and we also released earlier versions. You can temporarily disable the current version of KR, download the source code of and install an unpacked extension into Chrome to use an earlier version.

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Hi @ThanhTo,
I had follow the guide, but it have error when load the extension

Hi @mapple.tran

Can you still use the extension? On my side, I can see these errors, but at the same time the extension is still functional.

Hi @mapple.tran, @eric.delesse, @sgmpeter, @figueiredo.analucia, @chiotteaspam

KR is released:

  • Fixed an issue where users cannot execute tests with CSV files on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where copy and pasting a command does not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where users cannot open .krecorder files.
  • Fixed an issue where users can’t see test steps’ statuses after executions.
  • Fixed an issue where users can’t visually distinguish between passed and failed tests.

Please try it out and see if it works!