[Bug?] When you abort the run test case the test case still proceed till the end?

When you abort the test case / stop button nothing happens! The test continues till the end still executes the full test case!

Just want to get back to this as it seems not happening all the timeā€¦ so i have the feeling something else is causing this issue. Will comeback if i know were or what is causing it not from stopping the running test case when you click the stop executing button.

@ThanhTo How to terminate test execution if running form KRE? I press Ctrl + c in cmd to stop the test but after closing cmd the test still continue and open web browser. Is there anyway to kill the process. Tried to End process chromedriver.exe from Task Manager but still opens the browser. This happen only when run test from KRE.
Is there anyway to completely abort the test execution?
Thank you in advance