BUG Katalon Studio 7.9.0-official When Floating Search Window

I dragged (“tore-off”) the Search panel and this happened:

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

I can reproduce this issue that this error dialog will show after you drag the Search part. This bug will move to our backlog for next minor releases.

Thank you so much for your report in v7.9.0


We already released v7.9.1 that fixed this bug. Please upgrade and validate if the issue still occurs.

If you upgrade from v7.9.0, you can use Help > Check for updates… for an in-app upgrade. Learn more

If you currently use a version prior to v7.9.0 , download the latest version from our website due to the core engine upgrade. To reuse Preferences from previous versions, refer to this guide.

More details regarding this release, see here.

Happy testing