Bug in Katalon Studio Save Routine

Katalon 5.3.1
Windows 7

Happens sometimes when clicking “Save All”.


Crazy message, there is no “Save As”.

Workaround so far has been to close the keywords files and reopen them. Then they will save.


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Hi Russ Thomas,

Can you provide your reproducible steps here? I can’t reproduce it from my side, so there must be some wrong steps here.


Hi Vinh

I can’t provide you steps for clicking the “Save All” button in KS. It’s what it says “Click the Save All” button. It’s not complicated.

To investigate the cause, search your codebase for the static text that appears in the error message dialog I posted. “Save could not be completed. Try File > Save As”. And in Katalon you have code that issues a message box with the title “Save Problems”.

Somebody in the development team knows who owns the code in the file I/O module. That person (persons) should be aware there is code referring to either another product or needs rewriting from an older version (because there is NO “FIle > Save As” in Katalon!)

This bug is two things:

1 - infrequent
2 - extremely frustrating when it occurs

It has only started happening since 5.3.1 build 1.

And so far, it only seems to happen when I have Keyword files open in KS – it has never happened when saving a regular Test Case file.


Hi Russ,

Can you post for me Katalon Studio logs in this case?


Hi Vinh

Location? Filename?

Ah sorry for this. Please refer to this discussion regard to how get Katalon Studio logs:


While I cannot provide complete steps for reproduction, I will say that it happens for me consistently after receiving the following error from the content assist plugin:

Generally, if I’m not getting content assist in the editor, I need to close my session (at which point the error presented by OP appears).


H Brandon

Yes, I get that message too – it only ever occurs the moment I hit the spacebar after typing:

import static

weird. And this too has only occurred since installing 5.3.1.

I think KMS should involve more people during the beta phase.

Hi all,

We are currently investigating this. That is an intermittent issue so that we can’t reproduce it yet (at least in our current development release 5.4) until further investigation.

So hopefully it has been fixed in that version, but we will double check it again and fix it asap


I encountered this today; as Russ mentioned, the way I worked around it is to close out the keywords entirely, then Katalon allowed the save. Was related to using the ‘save all’ function.

I’ve got this issue now, the only file i have open is one test case and i cant save it

Thanks for the workaround information

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