Browser closing

Hi Team,

trying to do automate for secure web app works only on IE.
im able to record till only first page that is login page till username pasword submit. after that application opens in one more window.
my recording also exits abruptly without going for secnd page
recorded steps
headsup please

Please, give us a bit more info…

Thomas. I have started recording. In this soon after logging in it opens as a one more new window like that so from this iam able to record for the first login page itself. Soon after logging in it automatically says close browser step.

In easier way I will say its a web based ie application for the first login page I can see bookmarks and internet options like that stuff as we normally sees in a Ie browser soon after logging in application second page opens in a window without all this things like bookmarks internet options like that in a seperate window

Fine. If you won’t read the link I sent you, there’s nothing more I can say.

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Ok I will sent the required details soon thanks

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