Browse Window pop-up unable to handle

Unable to handle the Browse Window pop-up to select a file in Local PC.

We tried these options as

  • SwitchToWindowTitle()

  • SwitchToWindowIndex()

  • SwitchToWindowUrl()

  • UploadFile()

  • sendKeys()

Kindly suggest us to implement other than these function

(This is not an issue so I will move it to Web Testing category)
Browse Window pop-up per your case is a native windows popup and Katalon Studio can’t handle that directly.
So as a workaround solution, you should use another third party tool, such as autoIT this case. Please find one example to work with Authentication Window pop-up, and you can apply the similar approach for Browse Window pop-up.



But to handle it selenium has class named as ROBOT class, so can we use same method in katalon?