Broker connection


I have some python scripts for broker-client connection.For broker-client we are using mqqtfx desktop application.

Now, I want to establish the same broker-client using katalon studio.For this i downloaded mqtt .jar file and imported that to the katalon studio.

Now, I dont know how to proceed further.please Can someone suggest on this?

Hi Katalon team,

I want to access Simulator (implemented using java) thru MQTT broker connection to perform such action, send command…Can you please guide me like how can we proceed ?

In desktop virtualization, a connection broker is a software program that allows the end-user to connect to an available desktop.

The connection broker performs tasks that include:

Validating the user name and providing a connection for the user.
Providing the ability for the user to connect to a specific virtual machine (VM), virtual client, PC blade or terminal services server.
Providing the ability for the user to access multiple VM pools. (If the user is permitted to access a variety of pools, the broker prompts the user to select a pool at login time.)
Monitoring the activity level of a given virtual machine and setting status to active or inactive.
Handling reassignment of a virtual machine when a user disconnects.