Bitbucket branch not found

Hi all,

I have a Bitbucket branch name with a a slash. feature/mahesh
The name “feature” is standard with Bitbucket and is used to distinguish features from bugs and hotfix.

My problem is that TestOps can’t find the branch during execution. The error suggests that “feature/” is dropped at run time. Please see this error msg.

Is it possible that Katalon is not able to find the branch because of the slash in the branch name?

I could rename the branch without the “feature” but that defeats several benefits that Bitbucket offers when building branches automatically from Jira.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I don’t know if this post is the single cause behind the Katalon git problem but I went ahead and renamed the branch without the slashes anyway. That resolved my issue and TestOps is able to complete Git pull without issues.

I updated the Bitbucket branch model and removed the slashes so future branches would not contain the slash either.

@jim.sears How about putting double slashes where ever a file pathway has a single slash?