Bind 'Call Test Case' parameters at the Test Suite level

I have a Login Test Case where I have 2 local variables usr/pwd.
I have another Test Case TC1 that calls Login and does some stuff.
I have a Test Suite that calls TC1 and binds the usr/pwd with a Data File.

The problem is that I need to declare 2 local variables usr/pwd in TC1 that I to be able to bind them in the Test Suite. It’s a bit redudant because I’m doing exactly the same thing for all my Test Cases.

It would be nice to automatically detect unbound parameters and to be able to bind usr/pwd without declaring them as local variables in TC1.

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If I understand correctly, Are you planning to call test case A(which has local variable) into test case B and use test case B into test suite.

Pass test data into test suite for test A(local variable) to use?

I hope I am explaining you correct.
I am trying to do same. But i am not finding any luck.

Yes, it’s exactly what I want to do, but it seems that it’s not supported yet.

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