Better report when use data binding

Hi guys,

I want to test use data binding in excel file, but in report summary show iteration 1 - n. I try use description in excel and use comment to show description (test case name) in report.

So best is when we use data binding on test, report not use text iteration 1 - n but use description who describe in excel or binding data or other if any best practice.

for example :
i try test login with data like this :
no | test scenario description | user | password | expected result
1. | login succes | hardi | testUseKatalon | succes login
2. | login failed 1 | hardi | | failed

in report
login iteration 1
login iteration 2
login iteration n

for best report i want report is like this :

login : login succes
Login : login failed 1
Login : n


@Katalon_team @Development

It will be great if this feature is implemented. Currently there is no way to figure out like against which test data the test case was executed from the test case name in report when there is data binding in suite level.