Better browsing trough global variables


Hello guys,

Is there any way to better store and browse through my global variables?
I mean i have like 5 diffrent profiles, aroun 60 variables in each of them and its getting hard to sometimes find particular thing. At least crtl+f shortcut could help with finding names. It would be cool if i could create folders in profiles.
Also in test cases, when i want to add step using global variable, picking it from list is almost impossible, its in random order. It could be at least alphabetical.

Best regards


I feel your pain. Agreed - all potentially sortable lists should be sortable.

I use external files and read them in. Some of the values overwrite globals. But I don’t know if you would consider that “better”, it’s what I prefer.


  1. The file is under my control.
  2. I could (but don’t) produce it from other systems (database, spreadsheet, whatever).
  3. Ordering/sorting is a non-issue since I control it.

You obviously need to be comfortable in Groovy code to do something like this, though.