Better BDD support in Katalon Studio 7.8


Starting from Katalon Studio 7.8, if a BDD-enabled Katalon Studio project is integrated with Katalon TestOps, you can see native BDD reports with Features and Scenarios instead of Test Cases.

Download Katalon Studio 7.8 beta here: Release v7.8.0.rc · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub.

Here is how a BDD feature file looks in Katalon Studio.

The first step is to turn on BDD reports for your Katalon TestOps project. This feature is off by default to avoid mixing BDD and Katalon Studio-formatted data.

After that, Katalon TestOps will recognize and process BDD-based test execution results. There will be also icons next to those executions.

Scenario content is also shown on Test Run pages. This will help you capture the logic of each Test Case easily.

You can also view all Features and Scenarios as well as their latest status.

If you have any suggestions please let us know - we will continue to improve this feature in future releases.

Thank you and happy testing!


Hi, I have enabled cucumber report in testops as well as successfully upload cucumber report to testops (this cucumber report is under my test suite report 20210216_144500\Run Single Test\20210216_144500\cucumber_report/cucumber.json). however i didnt see any description of my cucumber scenario in test result.

Is there any specific rules to make these works?