Behavior change when global parameter passed


I upgraded to 7.7.2 from 7.0.3 and noticed a change in the way a Global Variable is passed as a parameter in a URL web request.

For example:

In the Profile, I have a variable, clientFriendlyName defined as clientFriendlyName=xyzsystem
In my object, I have a query parameter named ${GlobalVariable.clientFriendlyName} with no value.

This is what appears in the URL.

Using the old version, this ran fine.
The new version does not recognize the query parameter and the back office rejects with a missing clientFriendlyName message.

To fix, I had to add a ? in front of the variable name – ?clientFriendlyName=xyzsystem
and remove the question mark on the object’s URL. So the new URL looks like this…

Before I go and update all my scripts, I thought I would bring this to your attention in case this is a bug or intended behavior.


I do not quite understand what you mean.

Could you please take screenshots of the Profiles definition and the TestObject definition?

Using v7.0.3 – the profile looked like this

Object looked like this

After upgrading to 7.7.2
Changed profile to include the question mark…

Change object to not use the global variable as a parameter, which removed the question mark in the URL.

You wrote this:

This is not the way you should. You should rather write this:

… and

you had this:

This is not the way you should. You should rather write this:

Thank you!! That worked.

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