Before Testcase steps

Help me please.
For each test case, before the steps I create, the Atlassian login browser opens.
I searched for settings and integration with Jira, but I can not find how to avoid it.
Tell me please, how can I avoid these steps?

Looking at your test steps, instead of:

1.) WebUI.openBrowser(’’)
2.) maximizeWindow()
3.) navigateToUrl(URL)

Try this:

1.) WebUI.openBrowser(URL)
2.) maximizeWindow()

Hi @Valeria_Ciobanu,
To avoid those steps before each test case, you need to check two things:

  • The test suite containing test cases: At script mode, make sure “skipped” parameter is set to true for SetupTestCase() function
  • Test Listener: those steps are removed from BeforeTestcase() function in all available listener files

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot

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