BDD_StepDef_calling function of stepDef1Class from stepDef2Class

Hi All,
First of alll, Hearty thanks for the entire Katalon team for changing QA’s life from manual to automation.

Please confirm if anyone has any idea about to calling function from one stepdef class to another stepdef class.

e.g.Under default project (Includes/scripts/goovy), I have 2 stepdefinations classes (classOne and classTwo). Now classOne have a function classOneFunction classOneFunction printing “This is class One” classTwo have function classTwoFunction

Now execution will start from classTwo’s classTwoFunction and I want to print “This is class One” text from classOneFunction. i.e. I want to call classOneFunction from classTwoFunction. Is this possible?

I have imported classOne in classTwo. I have used extends like classTwo extends classOne.

When I used extends then I am getting below error:
Keyword runWithCucumberRunner was failed (Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: These following reason:
[You’re not allowed to extend classes that define Step Definitions or hooks. class groovy.classTwo extends class groovy.classOne]

Thanks in advance.

solved by using class and object concept…