BDD (Gherkin) field for Jira Cloud

We’ve released a new version of Jira Cloud’s add-on with support for BDD editor (similar to its Jira Server’s counterpart). Due to limitations of Jira Cloud’s custom field system, it will take some steps to configure.

How to add a BDD (Gherkin) field to Jira Cloud

Install Katalon BDD add-on

Add a custom field

  • Go to Jira Settings > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field (

  • Create a custom field of type Text Field (multi-line). Remember to associate it with issue types you want.

  • This field should appear in the form where you create a new issue. However, the editor is not available yet.

Enable BDD editor

  • Go to Project Settings > Katalon BDD, and select the field you’ve created, then click Add.

  • Select all issue types you want the BDD editor to appear, then click Save.

Try the BDD editor

  • Go to the issue page. In the new Jira UI, you might need to enable the Katalon BDD Fields section.

  • Click on the pencil icon, write a Gherkin content, and click the check icon. Make sure the content starts with Feature.