[Automation] How to Add number of students (custom data) along with pictures in LMS

Hi there,

First of all, i’m a first time user so please bear with me.


My question is,

I have a Web based LMS which i want to automate the insertion of data. So here is a short version of problem.

I have 100000s of students data in text format and pictures as well as scanned pdfs. I want to insert them into LMS, and that LMS doesnt have any api. So what i want is use Katalon to automate the proccess of open browser, add new student, enter textual data in form fields, provide pdf and pictures as files , save and repeat proccess.


So my first question is, can i use Katalon for that? I see it supports file upload.


My second question is how can i provide custom data to Katalon Tests including textual and files info? Any documentation or tutorial?


In short, any advise is welcome.