Automation API test for Login API using Rest Assured

I wants to test Login API from where In Request Body I need to send email and password in jason format and when I hit the run button in response body I will get response token and OTP no. So now I need to very the Response code. like 1) verify Status code 2) Verify generated token 3) verify security no which is OTP.

The Scenario is when user enter email and password status code 200 will show and in Response body User Token and security code(OTP) will generate

Is it feasible in katalon like Postman? I can able to run this code in postman but I am using katalon for my project so I need to use only katalon . So can anybody help me here? I am very much confuse to use API Automation testing using Katalon. specially for Post request.Its very urgent and I am not able to start it. Found various videos and tutorial but it does not solve my basic understanding. Need urgent help :frowning: :frowning:

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