Automatically insert assertions during recording

I’d like to request a feature that I think is quite interesting. I’ve desribed it in a General Discussion post, as I first posted it as a question. Please refer to this:


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I fully support this.
Testing is all about assertions.
My first test attempt with Katalon was “‘New stuff’ dialog is opened when user clicks on ‘New stuff’ button”.
I was able to automate the actions but when it came to check if the dialog was indeed opened, I could not find a way do select the dialog and use it to write stuff such as “dialog.title == ‘New stuff’”.
Pretty frustrating…
In Chrome dev tools, in React Web tools… I can use a pointer to load a DOM object reference in the debugger, why is something similar not available in Katalon?
From what I read here and there, it seems I have to view the page source code to identify the DOM object of interest.
But then I may as well write a selenium script directly…
Since it’s already done for recording events, it doesn’t seem a huge effort to reuse it for populating asserts…

Is this on the roadmap?