Automatic testing of UI web appliaction based on angular egnine

I have the problems when I am using e. g. Katalon or trial version of paid software TestComplete for recording steps. There are problems with recognizes of some draging function and use of drawing tools e.g. (testing map systems). I tried also other similar tools (trial, opensource, browser plugins) but generally there are sometimes problems (sometimes it works) with recording of drop down menu and the day from calendar too.

It displays generally following: “Unable click on the object”. I tried put before some delays (by the forums) but it fails again.

Its interesting that sometimes it works well and fill the mentioned fields, sometimes its not working when i play “same” the automatic test case. I cannot able record and then replay some measures on the map.

Could it solve e.g. writing tests in Selenium in javascript or there would be similar problems.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @lukeinb

That’s a very broad post about your general issues using automation software (that being the case, I’ll move this topic to “General Discussions”). And because your post is general in nature, my answer will be, too.

Record and playback is flaky. You would do better to optimize the selectors/locators to work better across test runs. Treat Recorded tests as a starting point.

Recording anything that uses canvas elements will not work. Canvas elements do not expose their content as web elements. You may get some joy using the Robot API but don’t expect it to be easy.

Everything else you mention is suffering from a lack of synchronization between the AUT and WebDriver. Adding fixed delays is not a good solution. To fix issues like that, post a new, detailed Topic with ONE problem. Someone here can surely help.

Maybe SPY function should be better generally to deal with better?