Automatic Data Test Generation


We would like to use katalon studio for web applications tests.
We use jenkins to schedule unit tests for all projects. We would like to use the same approach for web application tests.
For now, these are our challenges:
- to generate automatically the data tests for executing the tests,
- based on previous tests, generate test scenarios data for other dependent tests, i.e, for example If we have use case 2 that depends on use case 1 to be executed, we would like to generate data resulting from use case 1 to execute use case 2
- to rollback all the changes in the database after executing them.

Unfortunately we don’t have yet any database dedicated for the web applications tests, so we are sharing it with the development database.
Is there anything we can do to achieve this issue. We would like to do all this automatically and without any human intervention for generate the test data, if possible.