Automated tests regressions

Hello and very happy new year to all.

I created my scripts using only the xpath of the elements. The problem is that I often have regressions, ie scripts that have already worked no longer work. Do you have any idea about these regressions?
Thanks in advance!

I have no idea on why it already worked and no longer work. Could you put more detail to explain it?

If XPath doesn’t work anymore, there may be two problems:

  1. Your developers do significant changes in UI code every release
  2. Your XPaths are poorly written, so even a small code change breaks the path

In first case, there is really nothing much to do and I would consider terminating whole test automation in your project (as maintenance itself requires a huge effort), in second case I would recommend this article:

@Ouleye_BARRO Can you provide more details on WHY your tests are failing? You mentioned that all of your locators are XPaths, which is fine (mine are too :grin:). Are you saying that all of your XPaths are now failing? Thanks for any more info you can provide.