Automated bug reports in JIRA containing more test specific data

Please see the attached JIRA image. I have configured my Katalon project to allow me to raise bugs from my failed automated tests into my JIRA instance. I like this feature and I like the fact that Katalon can be configured to select which JIRA project the bugs end up in. However, can this feature not be extended to auto populate the bug report that is created in JIRA with more relevant information for a developer to use? At the moment, as you can see from the attached image, the JIRA bug report contains all 10+ steps in my automated test but with very little detail to help somebody investigate the bug. For example, what URL was navigated to? What button was clicked? I think this good feature could be improved by sending more details of the failed test into the JIRA bug report otherwise the feature has minimal value.

Auto JIRA bug not detailed enough.jpg

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AFAIK there is also xml log attached to new issue where all details are stored. It’s possible that i dont remember it correctly.