Auto-healing Smart XPath

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I might be blind, but I can’t find any word about pricing for plugins like this one?

Agreed, and Im not blind. Katalon, Please post the location of pricing for the plugin.

Does this plugin work for Mobile apps as well?

@shn @jay.roosa
Pricing is now available for all users in Katalon Store.
You can find the price for this plugin here.
Thank you.
Happy testing!
Katalon Store Team

Hi, in update 6.1.2 the notes say that the smart X Path plugin is enabled by default, I assume this is only when this plugin is bought and installed? Thanks

Hi @adam.cane,

In fact, we offer users a 30-day free trial for the plugin. It means whenever the plugin is enabled, it will be installed in Katalon Studio and you can try it for free in 30 days before subscribing to one of our annual plans.

Thank you.
Happy testing!
Katalon Store Team

That note was about an option provided by the plugin and not about installing/uninstalling it.

Dear Team, Do we need to pay any other licencing cost apart from Katalon Plug in cost for Auto Healing Xpath Plugin. If we request for Subscription will it be sufficient to use the Auto Healing Xpath plugin. Could you please confirm.

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Hi @friendmuku,
In order to use the plugin in Katalon Studio, you only need to subscribe to one of our plans here and don’t need to pay for any other licenses.
Thank you.

I can not find where to download the tool. I did the trial and purchased it but it will not show that we have it. Was going to try to reinstall it but can not find out where to download it.