Auto can't click web element button

Dear Community,

I am facing an issue.
Doing manual is ok.
But auto with Katalon, can’t click the button to move left or right.
Kindly take a look at attached gif and let me know if any.
Thanks & Best Regards,

page to test:

If I got the correct one, how about creating an a tag element with the xpath

id("mCSB_1")/../following-sibling::a[@class="scroll-next bar-scroll-next"]

and then trying it in a click method.

Going back the other way, create a second a tag element and use the xpath:

id("mCSB_1")/../following-sibling::a[@class="scroll-prev bar-scroll-prev"]

Thanks for your supporting. By the time being, I already have solution by using WebUI.scrollToElement. WebUI.scrollToElement can scroll vertical as well as horizontal.