Auto backup with Katalon TestOps

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In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Katalon TestOps or click the TestOps icon on the Main Toolbar to open the Project Setting dialogue.

Enter your Katalon account, then click Connect.

Enable the integration, and you can select your Team and Project to upload test results.

Click OK to save the project settings.

Open a Test Suite or Test Suite Collection.

Click View Execution History on the top right corner to access Katalon TestOps directly. You can observe the test results are automatically uploaded to Katalon TestOps.

Hi, I would like to know what information is saved in TestOps center when the checkbox to integrate in projects settings is selected. Is it only the execution report or will the scripts also saved to cloud.


Hi @vtanguturi

Only the report will be saved to cloud. You can upload the scripts (test project) separately.

Thanks for the link. Thanks helps

Good day, i follow step by step what you mentioned, but nothing happened in test ops…there is no backup. Any idea what i miss?