Authentication error while integrating Katalon with TestRail

I’m trying to integrate Katalon with TestRail. While doing so I’m getting the following authentication error in response in def get_tests(String id) keyword.
response={error=Authentication failed: invalid or missing user/password or session cookie.}

I had tried all possible combinations for the credentials encoded to Base64 as below:

  • Username:Password
  • Username:API key generated in TestRail under profile
  • Username
  • Basic Username:Password
  • Basic Username:API key generated in TestRail under profile
  • Basic Username

In all the cases I’m getting the same error as response. Is there anything wrong I’m doing?

Also there is no .size property in for (def n:(0…response[‘id’].size)) and for (def n:(0…GlobalVariable.G_run_testrail_tc_id.size)) in the test case created in last but one step in the tutorial

Just FYI - we’ve built a TestRail integration plugin for Katalon Studio. If you have any feedback or suggestions we are happy to hear from you.