Authenticate Command interrupted by Proxy Redirect

I’m building a test case for automated logins on a closed server environment. Because one of the applications has a non-webpage login interface (see screenshot below), I have to use the Authenticate command instead of targeting the username and password fields.

The problem is, the closed environment has a strict proxy access policy, where all application pages, such as the one shown above, have to be accessed through a link portal page. If you try to access the site directly using the URL or a bookmark, the proxy will automatically redirect the user to a warning banner, and then to the link portal. This interrupts the Authenticate command, which uses URL navigation.

Is there a workaround for this?


I’m guessing by the silence that there is no actual solution for this…

It’s HTTP basic authentication? If yes you can try change URL to e.g. to avoid that “problem”.

No, that’s not going to work; http won’t resolve to the actual page. That’s not the issue I’m facing anyway; I need to have a way to either remove the url navigation step from the webui.Authenticate command, or insert a set of navigation clicks between the url navigation and the entering of a username/password.