Attaching Screenshot to the cucumber report is not working when run in console or jenkins


Hi All,

I am trying to attach screenshot to the cucumber report after the failure of a test run. Using test listener with @After I am able to take and embed screenshot when run with katalon studio. However if I run the same in console(Command Prompt) or through jenkins it is not working.

@After tag does not work in console.

I am using Import

Can anyone help @devalex88

Thanks in advance.


@kazurayam can you help me on the above issue i am also facing the same issue. The screenshot that is taken with the help of ashot is working fine when i run it in the Katalon IDE and it even gets embed to the report. But where as when i run in the console or in Jenkins it doesn’t invoke the @After method. I have been searching for a solution from a very long time.
Please help. Thanks in advance