assert validation for calling test cases.

Hi All,

can some one provide solution for below request.

i need to add assert validations for below test case.


You can use verifyResponseStatusCode , verifyElementPropertyValue or verifyElementText from WS for validation

the above test case returning me only true or false.

i am not able to read response body.

This is possibly because your callee Test Case (the Test Case which is called by a caller Test Case) returns a boolean value.

If you want your caller Test Case to do something over the result of your Test Case, then your callee Test Case should explicity return the result of any type.

What is “response body” in your case? You have described nothing about it. Please do not let others guess what you have in your mind. Express it!


If you want to just assert called test case then use below method.

assert WS.callTestCase(‘testcase’) == true