Asking for price

I am wijdene a software quality tester within the Openbee company

We already use katalon in the automation of our tests

We use it daily with its different kse and kre licenses

For KSE we already use the node-locked type

and for KRE we also use the type node locked

These licenses will expire on December 28, 2022

My question is the following :

With the new tariffs , what are the changes in price that arise ?

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I replied privately to you as the follow up answers require some of your confidential information. Please check your inbox message for further assistance.

Vu Tran

Hi there,

Thank you for the details. Our Customer Success team will be in contact with you shortly for the requested information. Going forward, should you have questions regarding your paid subscription , kindly contact for timely support. You are always welcome to share your testing experience on our community portal at

Vu Tran