Ask Katalon Anything - Sep 6 to Sep 22, 2023 💬

I am a long term Katalon Recorder user (having used it since 2016), and have no interest in using applications such as Katalon Studio, or other similar products.

I exclusively want a browser-based / browser-integrated solution, and a standalone IDE, even if it offers its own browser extensions, is still far more bloated a solution than what I would wish to use, when the greater majority of my work is performed and kept solely within the browser (with the exception being Slack, for comms). I have not developed a knowledge of Java, Playwright, C++, Perl, etc either to use something like Katalon Studio in the same way that I could use the scripting language present within Katalon Recorder.

You have recently made the decision to EoL Katalon Recorder development (and only offering to do one more maintenance release), which feels to me like a massive misstep. What you have already developed there over the years is great, and has the potential to really transform scripting based tools like these to another level if some of the suggestions already present in your forum were adopted, so it is deeply disappointing that you have chosen not to go down this route.

Whilst there are those who mistakenly view Katalon Recorder as a toy, those views come from a shallow understanding of what is possible with this tool. Yes, it is built upon a JS framework, and this has limitations, and at the end of the day being an open source application, you have no obligation as a company to develop it further, but you have built up a community around it over the years, and it is abandoning that community by moving away from it.

I personally have really valued the work Katalon has put into this over the years, too. Due to this, I have over the years attempted to show my appreciation for your efforts, by helping others in this community, via your forums.

I am aware that you are now developing (and looking to replace Katalon Recorder with) KR-CS from KR-KS4, but from what I can tell this is a very different application, even if it is aimed at a similar target market. It also appears to be vastly more limited in its capability and flexibility to what KR-KS4 offers, too (…and I do use the majority of what KR-KS4 currently offers, as well).

So, speaking from the PoV of a (long term and dedicated) KR-KS4 user, what I am hoping for clarity on is:

  • Understanding whether KR-CS will offer feature parity with everything KR-KS4 already offers (and if so, within what timelines)
  • Understanding whether existing test scripts / suites, etc will work OOTB with CS
  • …and subsequently whether existing knowledge around Selenese scripting will continue to be useful there (otherwise this means that all KR-KS4, Selenium IDE, etc users knowledge will become invalidated)
  • Whether there will now be a price barrier (or not) that will lock out a segment of your existing market

I have spent well over a decade developing my knowledge and understanding of Selenese, and used Selenium IDE (and a rival browser-based extension) for many years prior to my discovery of Katalon Recorder back in 2016.

Because of this, I have real concerns that all of this expertise will also no longer be usable by KR-CS. Likewise, all the years i’ve put into developing scripts that I use in KR-KS4 may be trashed, if I am unable to directly re-use those via KR-CS.

So, if you could please come back to me on the points and questions above, this would be appreciated! Thanks!