Ask Katalon Anything - Sep 6 to Sep 22, 2023 💬

Hi @imeelmax
Katalon Cloud Studio is our new web-based test creation tool that offers a more intuitive UI experience. It is specifically designed for those new to automation testing or anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free test case creation process without complex installations.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Intuitive interface: With its user-friendly interface directly on TestOps, the product enables easy creation of test automation, providing a lightweight web experience.
  • Enhanced readability: You can translate your recorded test steps into plain English, improving the readability and understanding of your tests.
  • Cloud-based test execution: You can effortlessly execute your automated tests in a cloud-based environment named TestCloud with up to 4 parallel sessions

Katalon Cloud Studio is conveniently located on Katalon TestOps, offering a unified platform for managing and scheduling test cases, as well as accessing comprehensive reports.

I hope this provides a clear understanding of the advantages of Katalon Cloud Studio compared to Katalon Studio.

The product is in closed beta phrase, so to register your interest, simply fill out this form.