Ask Katalon Anything - Sep 6 to Sep 22, 2023 💬

We have integrated our Katalon tests with TestRail. For this we use the TestRail CLI tool instead of the Katalon TestRail Integration plugin, as the plugin does not meet our requirements. Now we would like to use the new feature of the TestRail CLI tool to automatically add step information in the results. For this purpose the JUnit XML report generated by Katalon should be enriched with additional properties as described here or here.

<testsuites name="test suites root">
  <testsuite failures="0" errors="0" skipped="1" tests="1" time="0.05" name="tests.LoginTests">
    <properties><property name="setting1" value="True"/></properties>
    <testcase classname="tests.LoginTests" name="test_case_2" time="650">
         <property name="testrail_attachment" value="path_to/logs.log"/>
         <property name="testrail_attachment" value="path_to/screenshot.jpg"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_field" value="version:1.2"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_field" value="custom_environment:qa02"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_comment" value="Finding 1"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_comment" value="Finding 2"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="passed: Insert login credentials"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="failed: Click submit"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="untested: User should be logged in"/>

How to get Katalon to generate the required properties for each validation step in the JUnit .XML Report?