Array constructor looses size definition on script view when changing steps

Having arrays of strings defined into the test script, when changes are made to the test steps, the size definition of the array disappears and has to be entered again. (23.2 KB) Error (3.5 MB)

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Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version 7.7.0

Katalon Studio logs

  • Windows logs folder: \config.metadata.log

Screenshots / Videos

  • Please attach screenshots or videos if necessary to reproduce the issue

@ThanhTo This is that same bug we were discussing a couple weeks ago. Make a change in script, move to manual view, move back to script, Katalon has modified the script. Link.

@maximo.iglesias Until this is resolved, you are advised to stick to Script View.

Thanks Russ, sure, no problem, since I sometimes need to use the manual view (to avoid having to manually add all the parameters for a service), what I do is to write back the values in the arrays definitions once they are removed.

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