Are there more up to date downloads and installs for the Katalon products

Hello. We wish to evaluate Katalon for our automated testing. We’re not sure which version we’ll end up with yet, but we downloaded the free version to start wtih.

The problem is that their download doesn’t pass our security requirements for installing third party software.

The download of Studio for example looks like it’s a executable that was build in 2020 and signed with a certificate that expired in 2021.

We’re only able to install software that’s reasonably up to date with including the signing certificates, to assure that said software has the latest and greatest levels of virus and malware protection and checks built into it.

So I’m wondering if there’s a more current download and/or if one is going to be released any time soon?

Thank you

I do not see what you mean here.
Could you please prove this fact to us. Any screenshot?

I am not sure about what certificate you are talking … but, few insights:

  • you do not actually install Katalon Studio. Just download and unpack
  • if you are talking about the CA certificate used to sign the .exe … that is never a guarantee the app is ‘malware free’. It only means the developer bought a certificate from whatever authority :slight_smile: . As long as the certificate is valid, worry not.

If you have concerns regarding malware protection, feel free to upload katalon to whatever online scanning platform, there are plenty available (e.g. virustotal)

for the ‘newer version’… i am not sure what you downloaded.
if by ‘free’ you mean katalon 6.x, that is retired.
just follow the download link from the main page and you will get latest stable (8.x), or look on git for beta releases
starting with 7.x the versions free vs enterprise
are differentiated by purchasing a licence or not.
the binary is the same.
6.x as far as i know cannot be any longer activated for new users (if that still works for you, it means you have an old account and that is active only for you by certain leftovers in your pc)

Thank you @kazurayam and @bionel for sharing all the details already. Just to add some other information for @jjjbbb.

The latest release of Katalon Studio is v8.3.5, please check the announcement here [New Release] Katalon Studio 8.3.5. The download link is adhered to the announcement for your convenience.

You can always check the releases of Katalon Studio here. Our next release of Katalon Studio v8.4 is tentatively scheduled on Jul 13, 2022.

Hope this helps.

Hi @jjjbbb

Adding to what’s @vu.tran provided, the Windows packages of Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine 8.4.0 will be signed with Katalon certificate.

Hope this help!