AppiumStartException: Fail to start Appium server in 30 seconds


What helped me to get Appium starting was to set down the used version of Node.js to v9.11.2. There is a bug using current appium version in combination with node v10.x. Therefore a Node version manger like nvm can be used.



when i make the appium log to debug to see the wrong message,but I found the filed always be 0 byte,so I can not figure out why it is can not start appium


Hi @xiufangwang,

Can you please let us know what versions of Node, Appium, and Android SDK you are using? Katalon Studio 5.10.1 only supports Appium 1.8.1 currently, so you might need to downgrade.

– Chris


I have the issue too




Hi @1018742342,

Thanks for providing that info. It looks like you’re using the supported version of Appium. Your version of Katalon Studio is a little old (latest official one is 6.0.5). I’m not sure that will fix your problem for sure, but might not be a bad idea to upgrade.

The error message about not being able to open the browser is interesting because I don’t know why the browser is trying to be opened. Could you please share your test code so we can troubleshoot further?

Something else you can try is to follow the suggestion in a post above about setting the appWaitForActivity:





Hi @1018742342,

On the screen that you show, expand “Desired Capabilities” and then “Mobile” and select “Android”:

Hope this helps,