Appium version 1.9.1 wasn't delete

Hi together,

I want to explain my situation with detail.

Firstly I used katalon studio with appium version 1.8.1. Then I got one request from katalon about update version of katalon studio. So I updated it but I got an issue because of Katalon’s new version. So I deleted new version and I set up old version which I have. And also I updated my appium version from terminal so it became 1.9.1

After updated I learnt Katalon Studio didn’t support appium’s version 1.9.1.

So I try to deleted appium and I didn’t get any error. And after I set up appium again with version of 1.8.1.
And I didn’t get any error too.
And after I queried appium’s version and I got 1.8.1 as an answer.
So I tried to run my test again which is running successfully before this all steps.
I saw that, appium version is 1.9.1 on console . But as I said, I already deleted it.

What is wrong? Any idea?

@Vinh Nguyen @Chris Trevarthen