Appium v.1.8.1 is not suitable for Katalon V. 6.1.1

Hi There,

I have just downloaded the new Katalon Version 6.1.1 and it can not start any android app.

WebBrowser works fine.

I have deleted my Nodejs and downloaded again and tryed to install the appium 1.12.1 and the 1.8.1

Error log:

04-11-2019 12:28:06 PM startApplication(appPath, false, STOP_ON_FAILURE)

Elapsed time: 0,359s

com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to start app at: ‘D:\Users\mabdella\Katalon Studio\Projects\MobileTest\androidapp\AndroidApp.apk’

can u please help

Hi every one i could resolve the issue by starting every thing over. Node.js re installed and appium as well …

@mariamtamer91 The appPath incorrect, please check again

Hi Alice, no the path is correct, the issue is came after installing the new version of Katalon.

@Chris_Trevarthen could you please help me in this?

Hi @mariamtamer91,

Someone just had a very similar error message and I wonder if you’re seeing the same thing:

Try that out and if it doesn’t work, we can investigate further,


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@mariamtamer91 please make sure installed appium 1.8.1 for windown and then uninstall at device two apps: io.appium.uiautomator2.server and io.appium.uiautomator2.server.test. Try your test again


Please see this using Katalon on Ububtu and node.js is installed also appium

Hi @surajpalsania,

From my experience, Katalon Studio expects node to be accessible from a specific command path. On MacOS, that’s /usr/local/bin/node. I don’t think you can configure that, either, so you may need to create a shortcut on your system to point to the installed version of node that you have.

The first thing I would check is what does running the command which nodejs give you? Also, does which node give you anything (because on my system, the node bin is just node, not nodejs, although this might differ on Ubuntu)?

Based on the results of the above, you can try creating a symbolic link from the location of your Nodejs binary to /usr/local/bin/node.

As a suggestion in the future, since the last post in this thread is 7 months ago, and specifically is for solving compatibility with Appium 1.8.1 and Katalon 6.1.1 (both old now), it would help your question get more visibility if you created a new post with a relevant subject line.

Hope this helps,